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24/7 Emergency Service: For propane solutions in Durham Region and the surrounding areas, trust Discount Propane. We offer fast, on-time delivery as well as trained and certified technicians.


We supply propane in Durham and the York Region.

Propane Tanks

Livestock area heating solutions for Ontario farm owners.

Stove Fire

We supply propane for your home heating units.

Gas Filling

Paint shop heaters, roofing application and more. Call us.

Discount Propane Handles Propane Needs in Durham Region & Beyond

Discount Propane proudly serves residential, commercial and agricultural clients in Durham Region, York Region and Georgina area. Based in Durham Region, our clients have come to value Discount Propane as a trusted supplier for complete propane services. We offer fast, on-time delivery as well as trained and certified technicians who specialize in installation, maintenance and repair of propane appliances. With a strong fleet of trucks and equipment, we can get the job done, no matter how big or small.


We know that you depend on our services for the comfort of your home and workplace or for the success of your business. We offer reliable scheduled delivery visits as well as 24-hour emergency service, as required.

Discount Propane also offers comprehensive programs designed specifically for commercial, industrial and agricultural clients. Some of the many commercial uses of propane energy include motor vehicles, generators, manufacturing processes, heating, cooking, water heating, commercial dryers and kilns, boilers and standby systems.

Additional uses include:

Crop drying
Flame weeding heating
Paint and shop heaters
Pest control
Construction heating
Forging/casting operations and more
Home heating


Our many long-term customers rely on our responsive, dependable service for propane heating equipment, tanks and fuel delivery. If you’re researching heating options or switching providers, call Discount Propane for competitive prices and informative one-on-one consultations. Our dedicated service reps will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer you a compelling reason to consider Discount Propane as your provider of choice.

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