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Carrying Industrial & Commercial Propane in Durham Region & Beyond

Commercial operations from across Durham Region and Northern York Region rely on Discount Propane for their propane supply needs. With local propane experts available, we can help you with a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Whatever the job, wherever the place—propane gas can be used in many different applications. Propane is portable and readily available. Here are a few examples of how propane can be practical in an industrial setting:

Heating for shops- tube heaters
Paint shop heaters
Plasma table metal cutting
Construction heating
Temporary heat for plant shut down
Scrap steel cutting
Roofing applications

Contact us to get a quote. Based in Durham Region, we can provide 24-hour emergency service, delivery your propane products and accessories directly to your door.

Stove Fire


We supply propane for your home heating units.

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